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instant bank transfer casino nz

Bank transfer is one of the oldest ways of sending money out there. Banks have been around for centuries, and people have been able to send their money from one place to another for many years. Same goes for gambling, entertainment that has been around for millennia. There are lots of casinos out there, and all of them offer different payment methods for the players to make deposits and withdrawals. You might ask whether it is possible to use your good old bank account to make deposits to the casino, and the answer is yes, you can.

Today, we are going to take a look at what bank transfer is, how it works, what are its main pros and cons, and how you can use it to deposit money online. We will also take a look at some of the benefits of playing on gambling websites that feature this payment method and see what you can get using bank transfer as your payment method of choice. So, let’s get down to business!

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🀞 Best Online Casino To Play With Instant Bank Transfer in New Zealand 2023

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Jackpot City
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Jonny Jackpot
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Quick Withdrawal
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Reload Casino
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❓ What is Bank Transfer Casino NZ?

As the technologies were becoming more and more advanced and we got into the Internet era, banks gained the opportunity to send money in a matter of minutes. For instance, the Bank of New Zealand, also known as BNZ, has been around since 1861, which is quite some time. The first computed was used by the BNZ back in 1966, and by 1980, its clients could use credit and debit cards.

Right now, you can make online transfers whenever you like and use your account to make purchases from vendors all around the globe. That is great news for any gambler who wants to try best online casinos and does not know how to make a deposit. Let’s dive into it and see how you can use bank transfers online.

πŸ” How to Choose Bank Transfer Casino Π‘asinos in NZ?

Deposit Process
Game Selection
SSL certificate
Live Support

We choose the best casinos that accept this payment method based on several factors. These factors include but are not limited to the reliability of the casino, its history, the withdrawal fees it takes, the bonuses it offers, and many more. Some of the most important factors are the following:

International Licenses and Certification

We only trust and recommend casinos that accept bank transfer that have proper licenses and certifications. We strongly recommend you to only play on websites that have a license and offer some certification documents. In case the website does not have that, you should abstain from playing there and find a more reliable website instead.

Game Variety

It is unreasonable to waste time playing on a website that does not have a decent variety of games. If the website does not have a good number of games for the players to choose from, it is possible that you will get bored pretty soon.

Fast Payments

We want you to get your money as fast as possible, and thus we select casinos that offer the highest payout speed. Nobody wants to spend days waiting for the money to arrive, and we do not want you to be that person.

Customer Support

Each service provider has to have a good support team in place in case the players have any questions or concerns. A support team is meant to provide the players with all the information they might need while playing. And if you have any questions, there has to be someone to provide adequate answers.

Positive Reviews

We aggregate the reviews from a number of review platforms and see what other players have to say about the casino. That is why we need to select the websites that have the highest scores on customer reviews.

βž• Advantages of Best Bank Transfer Casino

Bank transfers offer several advantages to the players being one of the most reliable payment options out there. It is also one of the oldest types of transactions that have been around since the dawn of e-commerce. That is why it is trusted by millions of people both in New Zealand and around the world. Some of the many benefits of bank transfers are the following:

  • Reliability – of all the financial institutions or services, a bank is fairly considered to be the most reliable. Banks have been around for centuries, and online transfers have been around since the dawn of the Internet itself. That is why it is fair to say that this is one of the most reliable methods for keeping your money safe.
  • Security – modern banks spend millions of dollars on security, and thus it is nearly impossible for the hackers to access the private information of the clients. This means that all you need to do is never give anyone your card info and you should be fine.
  • Lots of casinos – most online casinos accept bank transfers as the payment method of choice. Considering how widespread it is, wire transfer casinos do understand the value of having this option available for the players.
  • Simplicity – if you already have a bank account, like most people out there, you can already use it to send payments to the vendors across the web. This includes online casinos that accept this payment method. That is why we recommend you to use this payment method as the most convenient and straightforward.
  • Low fees – banks usually have rather low fees on transactions, and some banks have no fees at all. This is especially great whenever you send a large amount of money.

βž– Disadvantages of Instant Bank Transfer Casino

There’s nothing perfect in this world, and bank transfer does have its disadvantages too. It is a reliable payment method, it is secure, but it has its fair share of drawbacks. Of course, there’s nothing too critical here, and all of the possible drawbacks are rather mild, but still, we want you to have the whole scope of information for making informed choices.

  • Slow transactions – one of the most critical and evident problems here is that bank transfers are not the fastest way to send money. Unlike most modern payment methods like e-wallets or cryptocurrency, bank transfers take some time and do not offer instant transactions. Some banks are faster than others, but in general, it might take from a couple of hours and up to several days to make transactions
  • Privacy issues – the bank will know you spend money playing casino games, which might not be good for your credit score and trustworthiness in the eyes of the bank. Financial institutions seem to dislike gamblers, so you might have problems in case you would need a loan from that bank.
  • Other than that, this is one of the most reliable payment methods out there and you can use it to make deposits on your favorite gaming websites.

πŸ’΅ How to Deposit Money via Bank Transfer?

Click on Deposit Button
Choose Deposit Method
Decide Amount of Deposit
Click Deposit
Enjoy Casino Games

Depositing money to the casino using a bank transfer method is not difficult in the slightest. It consists of a couple of simple steps that allow you to transfer your money to the gambling websites that support this payment method:

  • Have a bank account – obviously, you need to have a bank account at any financial institution you prefer. This could be your national bank or a private financial institution – if you trust it, it is good to go. Make sure you have money in your bank account too.
  • Log into the casino – create a casino account and select the payment option you prefer. Since we are talking about bank transfers, make sure the casino you choose has it listed among the available payment options.
  • Enter information – once you’ve selected the payment you want to use, fill out the blanks and enter all the necessary information there. Remember to only enter your information on trusted gaming websites. Avoid sketchy casinos that do not have a license or look off to you.
  • Select the amount of deposit – choose how much money you want to deposit. It is important to never risk more money than you can afford to lose. Never deposit all of your money or too much money. Gambling is a risky deal and it is always a possibility that you might lose.
  • Finalize the process – confirm the transaction and wait till the money is transferred to your instant banking casino account.

As simple as that, you can now enjoy any games you want using the money you’ve deposited. Thanks to the simplicity and convenience of bank transfers, this payment method has been one of the most popular among gamblers in New Zealand and around the world.

πŸ’Έ How to Withdraw Money with Bank Transfer?

Withdrawing money from the casino back to your bank account is fairly easy as well. Thanks to the modern fintech solutions, you can easily transfer money to and from any vendor out there safely and without any delays. So, what are the steps here?

  • Win some money – obviously, you need to win some money first or at least not lose all of the money you’ve deposited. Once you have a sufficient amount of money in your casino account, you can move to the next step.
  • Go to Withdraw menu – each casino website has a withdraw menu. It is sometimes called Wallet or Balance. You will find the amount of money you currently have there. There, you will need to select the preferred payment method or card you want to send the money to. Choose bank transfer and enter the required data.
  • Confirm – select the amount of money you want to withdraw and confirm the transaction.

That’s it! As simple as that, you will now receive the money you’ve won in your bank account. The only thing remaining is to wait for the money to get to your account, which might take some time depending on the bank and the casino. You can then use your winnings however you like and enjoy the benefits of bank transfers.

πŸ›‘ Instant Bank Transfer Limits and Fees

There are certain limits on bank transfers to the best casino sites. Of course, different casinos and banks might have their own rules and regulations, but in general, there are some limits and fees that are common across the board. First and foremost, there could be an upper limit on transactions – in most cases, this would be $20,000 per day. You can negotiate that with your bank, however, not all the casinos would accept more money on a single day.

Next, there’s a bottom limit that is somewhere around $20. Again, some banks offer even lower bottom limits, all the way down to $1. Of course, casino sites that accept wire transfer also have their limits, so you should pay attention to that.

When it comes to fees, you need to understand that most banks have transaction fees. Usually, the fee is just 1% of the total amount you send. Sometimes it is higher – up to 5% and more. You would want to look for the bank with the lowest transaction fees for the senders. When you withdraw, the casino too might charge a fee for the transaction. Again, this would vary from one casino to the next, so you should keep your eyes peeled for the lowest fees.

🎰 Types of Online Bank Transfer Casino Games


Of course, most online gambling destinations offer a broad selection of games for the players to enjoy. One of the main benefits of online casinos is that they pack a large number of games under the same roof, or should we say, on the same screen. Thanks to the bank transfers, you can send money to enjoy all sorts of games including but not limited to:

Bank Transfer Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games out there. It is a staple of gambling as a whole, a game in which you need to get as close to 21 points or exactly 21 points without going over that mark. If you go over 21, it’s called going bust. The player who goes bust loses the game. If you get close to 21 than the dealer, you win, if you have the same number of points, it’s a draw. It is one of the best games for experienced players who want to try their skills out.

NZ Bank Transfer Casino Roulette

Roulette is also one of the classic and most popular games of chance in which the players make bets on one or several numbers or colors across the betting board. Basically, the players make a bet on the outcome of each spin of the roulette. Whichever number the ball lands on at the end of the spin, wins. You need to make a guess or split your bets in such a way as to maximize your chances to win.

Bank Transfer Online Casino Pokies

Pokies or slots are the most popular games for the new players who do not have the experience playing more complex games or those players who do not want to sweat too much. These games are fairly simple – you make bets on the paylines you like and press the button. If you hit the right combination of symbols, you win.

πŸ’° Fast Bank Transfer Casino Bonuses

Welcome Bonus
Free Spins Bonus
Deposit Bonus
VIP Program
No Deposit Bonus
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses
Reload Bonus

Naturally, most online gambling websites offer mouthwatering bonuses that are meant to attract new players and keep the existing players entertained. These bonuses provide numerous opportunities for the players to increase their chances of pulling off great wins. So, what are the most common types of bonus rewards you’ll see while using bank transfers in online casinos?

Welcome Bonus

This is the most common type of reward the new players will see when entering a new gambling website. Once you enter the website for the first time, you will see a pop-up with a welcome offer that might include bonus money, free spins, chips, and other things. If you accept that offer, you will be given the chance to improve your win rates by making higher bets. Higher bets mean higher risk, but they also yield higher rewards, so these offers are worth checking out.

Reload Bonus

This type of reward is meant for returning players who haven’t been playing for a while and returned after a break. Reloads are kind of similar to welcome deals as they offer free cash, chips, spins, and more. These bonuses are meant to keep you satisfied when you return to gambling after a pause. So, if you’ve been absent from the world of gambling for a while, this might be a good incentive to come back to it.

High Roller Bonus

High roller reward is exclusive for the players who make big deposits. In most cases, these are experienced players who know exactly what they are doing, and sometimes these are wealthy rookies who just want to whale hard and try to tickle their nerves by risking big money. Either way, if you are ready to go hard in the paint, you can count on impressive high roller rewards in most transfer casino sites out there.

Deposit Bonus

This is the most basic type of reward you can get in most casinos out there. Whenever you make a deposit, the casino will give you a bonus offer you can either accept or decline. In most cases, these rewards come with the wagering requirement, which means that you will have to win a certain amount of money before they’ll let you withdraw your wins. This is still a good way to boost up your chances to win money and gain the upper hand in most games.

πŸ”’ Instant Bank Transfer Safety and Security

Bank transfer is one of the most secure payment methods out there as the banks pay a fair share of attention to the safety of their financial assets. That is why it is easily one of the most secure types of payment options out there. If you have a bank account at a trusted and well-respected bank, you can be sure they care about the quality of their security practices.

Thanks to encryption and firewalls, banks protect the customers’ data and their financial assets. This means that you can send money to the vendors safely without risking your private data. Of course, you need to keep your safety in mind and never trust your banking data to sketchy individuals or suspicious websites. Along with bank encryption, these procedures will help you protect your money as well as your private information. More so, the casinos do not get access to any information that you do not give them, so you should be careful with what kinds of information you share.

πŸ’³ Alternatives to Wire Transfer Casino Payments in Casinos

Of course, a bank transfer is not the only way to make deposits on your favorite casino. You can use all kinds of services that are supported by the casino. If the casino offers certain payment methods, you can use them whenever you like and enjoy the benefits of different payment options.


Neosurf is a payment method that is especially popular in New Zealand that allows you to make payments across 20,000 vendors online. Neosurf allows for rather comfortable and fast transactions that take just a couple of moments. It is also rather convenient as you can use a smartphone app to make these transactions.


Skrill is another online wallet that is popular all around the world and in New Zealand in particular. It is convenient, it allows you to send and receive money almost anywhere around the world. More so, you can withdraw cash at the ATMs. This is a convenient and rather simple way to get your money where you need it fast and without redundant hustle.


PayPal needs no introduction as it is probably one of the most popular online payment methods out there. PayPal casino deposit is simple and fast, it allows for nearly instant transactions, and it allows you to send money anywhere across the globe. It is great for casino transactions back and forth, so you can use this payment method to send money to your favorite gaming websites and back to your card.

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πŸ›‡ Blacklisted Casinos

  • Huge wagering requirements
  • No live chat and support
  • Long payments
  • Pirated copies
  • No phone number
  • Long wait
Simba Games
Simba Games
  • Withdrawal problems
  • Poor support
  • Pirated copies of Novomatic games

❗❓ FAQ

  • Is it safe to use Instant Bank Transfer Casino?

    Yes, it is. Bank transfer is one of the safest payment methods out there, so you can trust in their security as much as you trust banks in general. If you have a bank account already, you can use a transfer to send money to your favorite gaming websites.

  • How to create an instant bank account?

    First, you need to go to the bank and ask them to create an account for you. Then, you will have to make some money and place them in your account. Once that is accomplished, you can send money from your account to different vendors, including instant banking casinos.

  • Can I use Bank Transfer to make deposits on mobile?

    If your bank has a mobile application that has such features, then yes, you can. If your bank does not have a mobile banking feature, you will probably have to use your laptop or go directly to the bank. In most cases, though, modern banks have such features.

  • What is the minimum amount for a deposit via bank transfer?

    This would depend on the type of casino and your bank. Some make small transfers down to $1, and others would have the threshold for transactions of around $10 or more. Again, it depends on the type of bank you use and the type of casino you play.

  • How long does the bank transfer take?

    Again, this would depend on a casino and the bank. Some banks make instant transactions, the others might take days. All of that is random and depends on the types of financial service providers. So, you should see what your bank offers.

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