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New Casino Online in New Zealand

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Choosing new online casinos to play on is an exciting but challenging process that requires focus and precise understanding of how the casinos work, what are the possible threats of choosing the wrong place to play on, and how you can make your experience as pleasant and lucrative as possible.

In New Zealand, there are lots of gambling destinations for the players to choose from, and the new websites arrive pretty often. So, what should you look out for when choosing a new casino to play on?

There are lots of factors to consider, and today, we are going to give you a comprehensive overview of the things you need to keep in mind when choosing a website to play on.

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Our Top List Of New Casinos To Play In New Zealand 2023

Last update:
rating rating rating rating rating
Best bonus
100% up to NZ$1500 + 150 FS
NationalCasino review
  • stopwatch Payout Fast
  • money Minimum Deposit: NZ$1
  • dice Games: 7380
  • roundabout Wagering
Payment Methods
Available games
  • World class software providers
  • Live chat is available 24/7
  • Numerous payment methods
  • Most games are mobile-optimized
  • There are some country restrictions
  • Insignificant rewards for VIP players
Hot Offer
rating rating rating rating rating
Best bonus
100% up to NZ$400 + 150 FS
Hell Spin review
  • stopwatch Payout Fast
  • money Minimum Deposit: NZ$1
  • dice Games: 7667
  • roundabout Wagering
Payment Methods
Available games
  • Has more than 60 gaming providers
  • VIP program
  • Fast withdrawals for some payment methods
  • Hot welcome bonus
  • Limited responsible gambling information
  • Slow verification processing times
Top Rated
rating rating rating rating rating
Best bonus
200% up to NZ$500 + 50 FS
Barz review
  • money Minimum Deposit: NZ$20
  • dice Games: 2267
Payment Methods
Available games
rating rating rating rating rating
Best bonus
100% up to NZ$400 + 50 FS
FireVegas review
  • money Minimum Deposit: NZ$20
  • dice Games: 5000
Payment Methods
Available games
rating rating rating rating rating
Best bonus
10% Cashback
Reload Casino review
  • money Minimum Deposit: NZ$20
  • dice Games: 2270
Payment Methods
Available games

πŸ” How to Choose the Best New Online Casino?

Deposit Process
Game Selection
SSL certificate
Live Support

So, what is it that makes a difference between a reliable casino and a casino you might want to stay away from? Important factors to consider are the brand history, customer reviews, payout rates, professional opinions – all of that needs to be considered when choosing the right place to play on. You should evaluate all of those factors, and our team specializes in providing a summary of all of those factors on each individual casino to let you know whether the casino is worth your time. Of course, you should see each website for yourself if you want to make the right choice.

Gambling Licenses

License is the first and the most important thing you need to see when approaching new online casinos. Remember, if the casino does not have the license, do not play there. Casinos without licenses are not regulated by any laws or legislation, and thus, they are basically illegal to play on. More so, such casinos basically play without rules, they can change their RTP rates without any notice to the player or just plainly steal your money and disappear. If you want to have a pleasant and transparent gambling experience, just check the licensing data, which is usually located at the bottom of the main screen of a casino. It can be taken to a special window on the website or placed somewhere else, you just have to find it.

Game Variety

It is essential to have a good number of games on a casino roster when you make your choice. Most of the new casinos these days offer crazy selections of games ranging from hundreds of slots to dozens of table games like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and their different variations. You want to choose a website that features the games you like – if you like poker, choose the one that features all of its possible variations, if you like slots, choose one that has more slots. All of that depends on your taste, but you surely want to have something to choose from if you want to have a satisfying gambling experience.

Mobile Compatibility

Most of the new casino sites run perfectly on mobile devices. Some of them are better than others, so you should try to select a casino that has more options when it comes to device compatibility. Even if you prefer to play at home on your laptop, it is better to have the opportunity to play your favorite games on the go. If you like moving around or traveling a lot, it is not always convenient to play on a laptop, so a casino might just be your golden opportunity to play while you are away. So, you should select a casino website that supports mobile devices.


It is important to have a team of experts at your side at all times in case you have any questions or encounter any issues. Modern casinos offer support services to the players, so you can contact the support team in case you have any questions or want to get some information that is not available in the FAQ section of the website. That is why you must always check whether the casino has a support team in place and whether their team is available 24/7. This will help you figure out most of the possible issues on the spot without having to waste much of your time. Usually, the casinos have a phone number and an e-mail address you can contact whenever you need help.

Customer Reviews

If the casino is really fresh, it might be hard to find a lot of comprehensive reviews for it, but the gambling community always shares the information. Even the new online casinos have reviews from the actual players who've already played there and are ready to express their opinions on the whole experience. Of course, you should remember that not all the reviewers are honest: some of them are paid to place either good or bad reviews, and some of them are just frustrated players who lost their money. So, you should take each review with a grain of salt and try to see the casino with your own eyes.

Payment Methods

That availability of different payment methods is another essential factor to consider. If you are going to play on a regular basis, you are going to send money back and forth quite often, and you want to be sure you are using a secure, fast, and reliable payment method to do it. That is why you need to select a website that has a multitude of payment methods on display and allows you to use such payment methods as your credit card, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and more. Select the one that has options that suit you.

Bonuses & Promotions

Every new gaming website tries to attract new players with some good bonus offers. Even more than old and established casinos, the new ones try to attract people by offering some of the craziest bonus deals. You need to remember that all the bonuses still come with the wagering requirements and that you will have to fulfill those requirements before you can withdraw and enjoy your winnings. Nonetheless, having a good bonus on your hands might give you a head start in your favorite games and increase your chances of pulling off a big win.

Safety & Player Protection

What the new online casinos pay a huge share of attention to is the cyber security of the players. They employ the latest cyber security tech and encryption to make sure your private information and your money are safe. It is important for any player to know that their money and their sensitive data are safe with the casino and that it would not be stolen by hackers and fraudsters.

🎲 New Casinos vs Established Casinos

What the players might want to know is those old casinos are not necessarily worse than the new ones. In fact, there are many well-known and reputable old casinos that still attract millions of players. What you must remember, though is that new casinos are always on the cutting edge of the industry and they always push for innovative experiences, bigger bonuses, and other benefits for the players. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the new gambling websites and what should you look up to when making your choice?

βž• Advantages of New Casinos

The advantages of the new casino sites are numerous as the new casinos are more flexible with their features and they opt for the latest industry trends. That is why many people consider playing on new casinos to be a much better option than playing on the old ones. But what are the tangible benefits here?

Better Security

New casinos employ the latest security tech and encryption to protect their players. They are on top of the curve when it comes to protecting their clients, and unlike the old casinos, they often use a much more flexible code that allows for the use of blockchain technology and other encryption systems to prevent identity theft, fraud, and other issues.

More and Better Games

New casinos invest heavily in delivering an extraordinary game roster to the players. The more they have, the more players would find something exciting to play around with. This is why they usually have hundreds, if not thousands, of games to choose from.

More Payment Methods

Modern casinos try to cooperate with as many payment methods as they can to expand their market outreach. The more payment options you have, the better because you can choose between the providers with lower fees, faster transactions, better security, and other features.

Better Bonuses

Whenever a new place offers, it immediately starts to give some amazing offers to the clients. The same goes for gambling websites. You can get huge bonuses on your deposits, free chips, free spins, bonus games, and whatnot.

Friendly User Interface

Modern casinos generally look and feel much better and more responsive. The old casinos might be running on legacy code that slows the whole system down, causing delays and crashes. New websites use better code and thus, feel smoother.

βž– Disadvantages of New Casinos

Of course, there are some disadvantages to keep in mind when entering a new online casino. There are certain inherent flaws that might influence your experience in a negative way, so keep that in mind.

No Proven Track Record

Basically, a new casino has nothing to back its credibility up apart from the license if it has one. You don't know whether it pays out fast, whether it has a decent RTP, whether the transaction fees are fair, and all that. You have to either wait for the reviews or be the pioneer and try to push that frontier on your own.

No VIP Status

If you used to play on an old casino for a long time, you've probably gained some kind of loyalty status there, maybe you are a VIP player even. Starting playing on a new casino means that you would not be able to enjoy the perks of VIP status, such as higher bonus offers and decreased payout frees. You will have to build up your loyalty status from square one.

No Reputation

New casinos have no reputation behind them. Nobody knows what a particular real money casino in NZ is; is it good or is it bad? Is it a decent place to play on? Nobody knows, and that is why some players might be hesitant to dip their toes in the new websites.

Possible Bugs

New websites might lack necessary testing, and thus, they might be ridden with bugs and errors of all sorts. Usually, whenever a new product launches, it takes the owners a couple of months to tune it perfectly.

Low Number of Players

At first, there might not be so many players around, which might make it challenging for you to find a good lobby to play poker and other table games with real opponents.

There are certain things all casino owners want to accomplish when launching a new gambling website. There are trends that seem to be common for all the modern online casinos, and we give credit when credit is due – most of those trends are actually improving the quality of experience the players receive.

Exciting Bonuses to New Users

Whenever a new casino opens, the owners try to do everything in their power to attract new players. In most cases, they do that by increasing their bonus offers. This is a huge opportunity for the new players to jump in and start playing with an increased return on investment. Basically, you make a deposit and the bonus offer adds to the amount of money you've invested, so now you have a bigger total capital and can make higher bets. Higher bets mean higher wins, so if you are lucky and have the necessary skills, you can make a bigger bang for your buck by playing with some good bonuses.

Cyber Security

Security is always a must when it comes to private information and money. That is why new online casinos invest heavily in modern cyber security tech to make sure their client's data remains safe and sound as well as their money. It is all about keeping the data safe, and whenever you choose a new casino, make sure it employs the relevant security measures. You don't want to end up in a tussle with hackers and fraudsters, so you better think about your security ahead before you make any deposits and start playing for the real money.

Themed websites

As the number of casinos increases, many providers try to beat the competition by catering to particular audiences. There are casinos that follow different themes: wild west, anime, Ancient Rome, China, noir, and whatnot. That is why you can always find the website that is the closest to your area of interest. You can choose from a wide range of websites, and these guys go far and wide coming up with the wildest ideas to appease different audiences. You can always stick to the classic casinos that try to replicate the look and feel of a real place – these are the most common types of websites out there, so if you want to feel like going to an actual casino, there are lots of websites that would suit you.

πŸƒ How to Sign Up and Play at New Online Casino in New Zealand?

Choose Casino
Sign In
Deposit Money
Grab Bonus
Choose Game

So, let's say you've been to a couple of new casino sites already and want to sign up and start playing games. What are the steps you need to make? That is fairly simple, so let's assume you've chosen the right website for yourself, your next steps are as follows:


The first thing you are going to notice on any casino website is a huge registration button. Usually, this is the brightest and the biggest button, so you are not going to miss it. Press it and you will be directed to a registration form where you'll have to fill the blanks with your information. You should also read the terms of agreement and privacy policy documents to see what kind of deal you are signing up for. Complete the registration process by filling in all the required blanks.

Log in

After your registration is complete, you can log into your account on the casino website. There, you will see your balance sheet, some information about your account, the available payment methods, and the bonus offers you can get. You can control your account from that menu, make deposits and withdrawals, select your favorite games, communicate with the support team, and other features. The menu might differ depending on the casino but these are some general features you will see.

Make a deposit

Once you have your account set up and ready, you can choose a payment method you want to use to make your first deposit. The available payment methods would differ from one casino to the next, so you need to check that out upfront. Once you've selected your payment method of choice, make sure you have enough money on your card, e-wallet, or crypto wallet. Press the deposit button and you will be directed to the next menu where you will have to input your payment data. Once it is done, select the amount of money you want to deposit and confirm the transaction.

Grab your bonus

After you've made your deposit, you will be eligible for the welcome bonus. You can either ignore it or take it. If you take it, you will have to fulfill the wagering requirements before you are able to withdraw. Make that choice at your own discretion.

Enjoy the game

You are now ready to play for real money, so you can select the game you want to play and go for it.

πŸ’° New Online Casino Bonuses

Welcome Bonus
Free Spins Bonus
Deposit Bonus
VIP Program
No Deposit Bonus
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses
Reload Bonus

Most, if not all, the modern casinos have some bonus on offer, so you can always rely on rewards for completing different milestones on your gambling journey. Different types of rewards are intended for different types of players.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are intended for the new players who've just made their first deposit. All the new minimum deposit casinos in New Zealand raise their welcome bonuses to attract new players, so you can count on some extra special bonus rewards if you make a deposit on a freshly launched website. This will allow you to have a head start in all of your favorite games, so go for it and enjoy the game.

Free Spins

Free spins can be a part of a welcome bonus, come on their own for getting the certain in-game achievement, as a part of a daily log in reward, inside the welcome package, and inside certain games. Free spins can be used in slot games, so they are exclusive to these types of games. If you are into slot games, this bonus is the one to keep your eyes peeled for.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonus usually comes as a loyalty reward for the players. This can be distributed to the loyal players on a monthly basis or for completing certain milestones in the loyalty program. So, you can get those just for staying tuned in and playing games. This type of reward is basically free money.

VIP Programs

Almost every casino has a loyalty program that leads to the VIP program reserved for the biggest players. Not every player can get into the VIP program and there always is some kind of threshold for entry. VIP players enjoy higher bonus rewards, lesser withdrawal fees, and other benefits.

Refer Friends Bonuses

If you want to share your experience of playing in the new online casinos with friends, you are not just going to have a good time, you are going to get a referral bonus. This can be a rather substantial monetary reward, so you might want to bring in as many friends as you can.

πŸ“± Types of New Online Casinos

Most of the new online casinos try to diversify their presence to cover as much of the market as they can and get as many players to enjoy their games as possible. That is exactly why they come up with new platforms for gambling and new ways to improve the overall experience the players get. That way you can enjoy different types of games on different devices and make your experience as convenient and as exciting as possible, depending on what you are looking for at the moment.

Luckily, the new technologies allow casino owners to go in all directions to bring a superb gambling experience to the users. This includes casinos that work on mobile devices, live casinos with real dealers and more. All of that expands the gambling industry to new horizons and allows people to play their favorite games how they like it, when they like it, and where they like it. Having the opportunity to play all of your favorite games on mobile devices or playing the games with real live dealers using your webcam is a huge step from having to go to an actual land-based casino to play. That is why we see a huge potential in the further development of entertainment technology as it will further expand the exciting capabilities of the new online gambling websites. In the nearest future, we'll be able to play in the virtual casinos at home using our VR sets or roll the dice using augmented reality devices. All of that is in the realm of possibility.

Mobile Casinos

Most of the modern new casino sites have invested in adjusting their websites to mobile devices and even developing their own mobile apps. This allows the players to enjoy their favorite games wherever they go as long as they have a stable internet connection. This means that you are no longer bound to your laptop or PC at home – you can just download a mobile casino app or enter the mobile version of that same website and play all the games you know and love on mobile devices.

Mobile devices are already bolstering a real revolution in the gaming community, and casino gamers are no exception here. You can play all of your favorite games like poker, blackjack, slots, baccarat, and more on your mobile device. You can play on your smartphone or on your mobile device as long as you are connected to the web, and the best thing here is that modern portable devices are capable of running some of the latest casino games. Basically, you can travel and gamble, gamble while you commute to work, or whatnot. Your possibilities are endless because you can use your tablet too, which gives you an even wider screen to enjoy your games on.

Live Dealer Casinos

An exciting feature that some of the new online casinos offer is Live Dealer games. Basically, you play with a dealer from a real casino who uses a web camera to present the game to the players. You have a real dealer, a real table, and real cards, everything looks like a real casino, the players too can use their webcams to communicate with other players. This recreates the atmosphere of an actual casino almost to a tee.

You need to remember that live dealer games have a wider entry threshold. A casino can have as many virtual tables as they like but they cannot hire an infinite number of dealers, and the dealers also need to make some extra money. That is exactly why live dealer games are more expensive, but if you are ready to make some real bets, this might be a perfect opportunity.

πŸ’΅ Deposits and Withdrawals in New Casinos Site

Click on Deposit Button
Choose Deposit Method
Decide Amount of Deposit
Click Deposit
Enjoy Casino Games

So, how do you make deposits and how do you withdraw money from a casino. This is not the most exciting process, but you have to understand it if you want your gambling to be lucrative and secure. Here's how you do it.

Choose a payment method

First of all, you need to select a payment method you want to use. You can change that later, but that would entail a whole bunch of redundant transactions and money transferring shenanigans, so you should choose a payment method that you are planning to use for a long time.

Deposit money

Next, you need to make sure you have some money on your chosen payment medium. If you do not have money, you can make deposits via bank transfers or with cash via ATMs.

Create a casino account

We've covered that step before, so just follow the guidelines and you are good to go.

Press the deposit button

Press the Deposit button on your casino website. There, you will have to fill up the blanks for your payment data and link your payment method to your casino account. Select the amount of money you want to deposit and confirm the transaction.


Once you have the amount of money you would like to withdraw, just press the withdrawal button, select the card you want to send your money to and enjoy your winnings.

🎰 New Online Casino Games

There are different types of games available on the average online casino, and you can easily choose one that suits your taste and your interests. Such games as poker, baccarat, blackjack and pokies are always available on new gambling websites as well as a whole bunch of other games such as the wheel of fortune, scratch cards, lotteries, and many more.

New Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic game in which your objective is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over this point. If the dealer goes bust before you do, you win, and so do all the other players at the table. It is better to play on packed players as the more players there are on the table, the more pressure they put on the dealer, which is better for the players.

New Casino Pokies

Pokies or slots are the simplest and most popular kinds of games out there. They are luck-based games that are defined purely by luck. There's no need for much strategical thinking; you just choose the amount of money you want to bet on each spin, and the RNG defines the outcome of the spin. These games are newbie-friendly, so you might start here and progress to more complicated games.

New Casino Roulette

Roulette is another classic casino game that has been around for centuries. Of course, new online casinos feature this game too as it is extremely popular among gamblers all around the world. Roulette is also a game of chance but there are certain strategies that can actually improve the player's edge.

New Casino Baccarat

Baccarat is a classic card game of chance, favorite of the fictional character James Bond, by the way. Yes, not poker – baccarat is the game a legendary spy loves the most. This game is rather simple, but it also has an array of strategies that can help you win.

πŸ’³ Payment Methods in NZ New Online Casinos

Naturally, new casinos offer a wide range of payment methods to choose from, so you can choose whichever suits you. Different payment methods offer different fees, transaction speed, and other benefits, so you need to make small research to determine the one that is best for you and your gambling website. That way, you can make your deposits and withdrawals less taxing, faster, and more lucrative.

Credit and Debit Card

Using your credit or debit card to make deposits and withdrawals is the simplest and the most basic way to make transactions. The vast majority of the new online casinos feature credit and debit cards as the most common payment method, and considering that most people these days do have credit or debit cards, it is quite likely that you yourself can use this payment method too.

The thing about credit and debit cards is that they virtually eliminate your anonymity. The bank is going to know where the money is going and where it's coming from, so if you want to keep your gambling to yourself, this might not be the best option. On the flip side, credit and debit cards are secure, they are reliable, and offer fast transactions. This is exactly why so many people use them as the main payment method. It is simple and convenient, and you most likely already have it, so it is easy to try.


E-wallets are probably the second most popular payment method out there. They offer even faster transactions, oftentimes, they have lower fees, and they help you keep your gambling private. New PayPal casinosΒ have small fees, but they are known for their reliability and continuous growth. Using payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and other e-wallets is extremely popular among gamblers as the bank would not know where you get the money from, and thus, nobody will know you've been gambling. Using those payment methods, though, costs you a small fee – a percentage of the total amount of money you send as a payment for the services. That is why it might be more reasonable to make fewer transactions and send money in bigger bulks to avoid too much taxation.

POLI payment

POLi casino in NZ is an online payment method that allows you to send and receive money anywhere and to anyone. It is easy to find a new online casino that features POLi and this payment method is exclusive for Kiwi users. It allows you to make immediate deposits from your Kiwi account and lets you send money to and back from the casino in a matter of seconds.


Cryptocurrencies are another exciting way to make deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. If you are into cryptos and own some already, it might be a good idea to play for your crypto money and try to make some income out of it.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is an old-timey but reliable payment option some players use. Basically, you need to set up the transaction manually from your bank account and to your casino account, which might be a bit tiresome, but if you worry about reliability and want to make it as basic as possible, wire transfers are a good idea.

πŸ’» New Online Casino Software Developers

There are many companies out there developing games for the new online casinos, and some of them come up with some amazing games. There are all sorts of game development companies out there, some produce really innovative games that push the frontiers of the gambling industry, and some just stick to the basics and go with a tried experience that has been favored by millions of players over the decades.

Some of these studios are known for their legendary games that have been around for years and already yielded some crazy jackpots to players around the world. The others try to reinvent the wheel and produce some new types of experiences. Anyway, there are clear leaders in the industry. Gaming studios like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech are fairly considered to be some of the most talented game developers in the business. Their games range from classic slots to highly advanced video slots.


Microgaming is easily one of the most talented teams in the business. These guys develop some of the craziest gaming experiences out there, and they even have licensed games tied to popular film franchises. For instance, they have the Game of Thrones Power Stacks game and Jurassic Park Slot. Also, they are known for exciting titles like Coin Bash, Blazing Mammoth, Immortal Romance, and more. Microgaming is one of the biggest brands in the industry and you can see their games in online casinos around the world.


NetEnt is another big gaming studio that creates tons of visually stunning games that excite players all around the world. These guys also have some licensed games such as Viking, Narcos, and Jumanji. They offer a twist on the familiar stories and pack it into a format of slot games that allow the players to win money while enjoying familiar visuals and beloved characters. Such classic games as Hotline and Starburst are also popular among the players, so you can totally check those out once you see them.


Playtech is also a well-established name in the gambling industry. They are the people behind some of the most popular slots in the industry like the King of Olympus, Furious 4, Golden Sands, Jackpot Giant, and many more. Their expertise mostly focuses on slot games, but they also have roulette and other games. More so, they have some sort of partnership with DC, so they have such games as Superman 2, Man of Steel, and Green Lantern, which would be exciting for the fans of these characters.

πŸ“š References

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πŸ›‡ Blacklisted Casinos

  • Huge wagering requirements
  • No live chat and support
  • Long payments
  • Pirated copies
  • No phone number
  • Long wait
Simba Games
Simba Games
  • Withdrawal problems
  • Poor support
  • Pirated copies of Novomatic games

❗❓ FAQ

  • Are new online casinos in NZ legit?

    All the authorized or licensed casinos are totally legit. If the casino has a license issued by the government, you can log in and play games legally and without risking fraud.

  • What payment methods could I use at the newest casinos?

    You can use a wide variety of payment methods: bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets like Skrill, Paysafe Card, Neteller, and even cryptocurrency like Bitcoin – everything goes. All you need is some money on any of the available payment methods and you are good to go.

  • Are new casinos better for mobile play?

    Yes, new casinos are generally better suited for playing on mobile devices as they are better optimized for that process. So, you can easily enjoy almost all of your favorite games on your smartphone if you have a reasonably modern phone.

  • Is it safe to play at new online casinos?

    If the casino has a proper license and does not have a history of hacker attacks or breaches, it is safe to play there. Of course, gambling itself is associated with certain risks you need to keep in mind because it is possible to lose money while gambling.

  • Do new casinos offer no deposit bonus?

    Yes, most if not all the online casinos offer no deposit bonuses to the players, so you can check out what kinds of rewards they offer. Some casinos have better rewards than others, so you need to do your research and choose a casino that has the highest reward rates.

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